Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Women Crush Wednesday

Once in a while you get to meet people who become a source of inspiration for you. It can be someone who makes you feel like you have to up your grind after seeing their tremendous work ethic that makes them stand head and shoulders above the rest, or it can be someone who simply makes you feel like taking a bath and putting on your Sunday best because of their immaculate dress sense.

Below is a trio of women that have left a lasting impression in the past few months and I felt I have to share their experiences with you and hopefully you will also be inspired.

First up is Nothando Nxumalo, a lady whose passion for eating healthily has led her to produce her own peanut butter that has zero preservatives. This young lady is one of the most hard working ladies I know. As we spoke and she told me about her Gesta’s peanut butter and peanuts she left me in awe, for a young woman like her she made me feel super proud to know that we have women that are so determined and focused on building a legacy for the future. 

Nothando's day starts at 3am with a prayer session - she is a girl after God’s heart and blessings. Then she starts sorting out her peanuts grinding them into the smooth peanut butter and this all ends around 9am after she has done packaging.

On top of that, she is a mum and proud wife so after sorting out her business part of the day she then starts on her widely and mother duties of which being a mum and wife too I know how draining this can be. It was the passion and the tone in her voice that captivated me the most when she spoke about her business and the plans and prayers she has for it. Many a times we feel sorry for ourselves and wallow in our miseries and how hard we are working and this has led to the lot of us deciding to work for someone else helping someone build their dreams while ours take a back seat.

The next lady I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to briefly is the beautiful and shy Gwen Chidoori of The Rack Boutique.  I went there to do a delivery and in the twenty minutes that I got to interact with her she left me feeling motivated and ready to do more and better in my own business. I am a firm believer in dressing to impress and was very happy when Gwen rocked up looking very immaculate that early in the morning.

She was busy on the phone confirming the availability of a certain item that the client wanted and at the same time helped me look  for my own outfit that I wanted to purchase. We then spoke about not giving up and going harder on the hustle and that gave me strength to continue with the hustle.

And finally Lorraine Maphala Phiri where do I even begin? She is one of the humblest and realest ladies in business I have had the pleasure of interacting with. She told me she wanted to buy vegetables from one of the many vegetables shops but she saw a Facebook post I had done and decided to place an order. This got me thinking how most of the time we use social media to show the world how much of slay queens we are instead of advertising our craft.

I have seen the power of social media as I get orders via the platform. Mrs Phiri told me to dream big and not be afraid to grow my business beyond the boot of my car, she says if I work hard and give it my all one day I could own my very own shop and I thought from your mouth to God’s ears my dear.

These are my three Women Crush Wednesday ladies who are working hard in their respective businesses and still raising their children with pride and soo much love. I hope my women crushes motivate you today to do better and be better.

Visit their pages Real Hair By Lorraine Studio, The Rack Boutique and Gesta’s peanut butter and be inspired.

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