Friday, 23 February 2018

Fashion Friday: Tracksuit Trend


As a lover of fashion I live for the latest fashion trends, though I don’t always go for every trend
But lately I have been loving and rocking the tracksuit trend. This can be rocked up and down, to different events.
one of my favourite fashionistas

You can switch it up by adding high heels and down by wearing sneakers. I usually go for the high heels look as I am a lover of high heeled shoes. The trick is in knowing how to wear the tracksuit and not let it wear you. You cannot wear any tracksuit with high heels, if you going for this look you going to need to make sure that you Do Not wear a baggy tracksuit with heels, you can wear your baggy tracksuit with sneakers.

High heels go with the body hugging tracksuit, and at the ankles it must not be flared it has to be a tight fit. If your tracksuit is long like if it goes down to your ankles you can pull it up a little bit so as to show off your shoegame, but beware not to pull too much and end up having a camel toe. One last thing you need to know about the tracksuit with heels trend is that it goes with certain shoes too, it does not blend well with any type of high heel.

Then we come to the flared tracksuit or baggy I usually rock it with sneakers it goes well with sneakers as it covers the top of the sneakers. But flared or baggy does not mean it cannot be tight, you can have it tight at the right places like hips ,as I tend to think oversized clothes if not rocked correctly it can make you look too big and not flattering on certain parts of the body.

Gone is the era when you only wore tracksuit to the gym so go on ladies rock those tracks and slay

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