Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Marriage at Bulawayo Arts Awards Press Conference

Busisa Moyo&Saimon Mambazo

The biggest event in the Bulawayo calendar is only a month away and preparations are under way. Today I got to attend the Bulawayo Arts Awards press conference held at the Carne Casa Steakhouse which is being opened officially this Friday, but the owner opened it up for the press conference.
The event was scheduled for half past nine and to my delight it started exactly at that time. Mr Raisdon Baya opened with telling us that the nominations had increased and praising the artists on the improvement of their packaging of their works.

Roil Cooking Oil

The music category being the one with the most submissions, it shows how much of talent and need there is from our artists in Bulawayo Mr Baya stated. He then asked a man respected by many not only in Bulawayo only but in Zimbabwe as a whole Mr Busisa Moyo CEO of United Refineries. This is where it got interesting all of us thought he was closing the event but he asked everyone to go to the next room.

We then took sits and witnessed what in my eyes was a beautiful union between the Bulawayo Arts Awards and United Refineries. United Refineries being a company that has been around for the past eighty three years and being one of the few remaining players in the edible oils industry, they are the manufacturing of Roil Cooking Oil, Image soap, Roil Mayonnaise and the distributors of Rugani hundred percent juices.

Now we can add to that list that they are now sponsors of the event loved by many the Bulawayo Arts Awards, they will be sponsoring the event with twenty thousand dollars, talk about awesomeness. So if you thought the Bulawayo Arts Awards were cool last year then this year it is going to be insane. Like every marriage one of the parties has to change name in this case the Bulawayo Arts Awards are going to be called the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards #RBAAzw18 for all those on social media that is the new hashtag.

Roil Mayonnaise

Being a huge fan of Roil cooking oil myself I loved the goodie bag that were handed out by Nkue Nkala as the event ended, after being serenaded by the group Umdumo WeSizwe with a song that marked this beautiful union. The list of the nominees will be announced on the 27th of April via all media platforms.
Umdumo Wesizwe choir

So 26 May 2018 it is a date, do not forget to do the right thing and buy locally manufactured goods Roil Cooking oil, Image Soap, Roil Mayonnaise at affordable prices.

God Is Love
Emma Nxumalo

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  1. This is good. Sicela besithumele lathi iMayonaise because thina we were there in spirit