Saturday, 3 March 2018

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Growing up in a hot city like Bulawayo your skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions. But since from way back I remember at home my mother and grandmother always believed in Ingrams products like the Ingrams Camphor Cream you know the old ones that had a green and white containers,ok maybe only the old school crew will remember those.

I wasn’t a fan of those because when it rained and you get caught in the rain the camphor would start dripping down your face and God forbid some went into your eyes that was painful. Fast forward to 2017 when I heard that Ingrams has a new range of Lotions I was not too keen on trying them out, in my mind was still thinking of the old camphor creams and I was not the only one a lot of my friends and followers were not keen too.

Ingrams Glow

So I went and bought two of the new Ingrams Lotion and they come in different flavors  Cocoa Butter and Tissue Oil being my absolute favourites. Now if you have dry skin like myself I would suggest you go for the Tissue Oil one, this has added moist and so much flavour to my once dry skin. I was using some lotions that have tissue oil and you spend the whole day shiny, girl as much as we do not like being ashy but no lady wants to be over shiny. So when I realised that with the Ingrams tissue oil when you apply you feel that moist going into your skin but you do not become shiny I smiled and thought Emma this is a winner.

Must be that Ingrams

Cocoa Butter smells divine and for the oily skinned ones this is a breath of fresh air as it absorbs most of the oil, it is one of my favourites as I use it as my hand lotion nothing irritates me as oily hands so this one is a winner for my hands.

Some of you have asked where I buy them since they are not available in Zimbabwe ,well that is not triue we have Ingrams Lotions in Zimbabwe, guess you also did not know that there is Ingrams Zimbabwe? You can thank me later. I get mine from Pick and Pay Bradfield, SuperMed Pharmacy that is along Main Street in Bulawayo. Maybe you are wondering about the prices trust me they are very affordable and the containers are family friendly no spilling or a hard time getting your lotion because of your long nails.

Now go ahead and get to it everyone and tag me with your Ingrams to stand a chance to win yourself your favourite Ingrams Lotion favourite.

God Is Love

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