Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Women Crush Wednesday

Once in a while you get to meet people who become a source of inspiration for you. It can be someone who makes you feel like you have to up your grind after seeing their tremendous work ethic that makes them stand head and shoulders above the rest, or it can be someone who simply makes you feel like taking a bath and putting on your Sunday best because of their immaculate dress sense.

Below is a trio of women that have left a lasting impression in the past few months and I felt I have to share their experiences with you and hopefully you will also be inspired.

First up is Nothando Nxumalo, a lady whose passion for eating healthily has led her to produce her own peanut butter that has zero preservatives. This young lady is one of the most hard working ladies I know. As we spoke and she told me about her Gesta’s peanut butter and peanuts she left me in awe, for a young woman like her she made me feel super proud to know that we have women that are so determined and focused on building a legacy for the future. 

Nothando's day starts at 3am with a prayer session - she is a girl after God’s heart and blessings. Then she starts sorting out her peanuts grinding them into the smooth peanut butter and this all ends around 9am after she has done packaging.

On top of that, she is a mum and proud wife so after sorting out her business part of the day she then starts on her widely and mother duties of which being a mum and wife too I know how draining this can be. It was the passion and the tone in her voice that captivated me the most when she spoke about her business and the plans and prayers she has for it. Many a times we feel sorry for ourselves and wallow in our miseries and how hard we are working and this has led to the lot of us deciding to work for someone else helping someone build their dreams while ours take a back seat.

The next lady I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to briefly is the beautiful and shy Gwen Chidoori of The Rack Boutique.  I went there to do a delivery and in the twenty minutes that I got to interact with her she left me feeling motivated and ready to do more and better in my own business. I am a firm believer in dressing to impress and was very happy when Gwen rocked up looking very immaculate that early in the morning.

She was busy on the phone confirming the availability of a certain item that the client wanted and at the same time helped me look  for my own outfit that I wanted to purchase. We then spoke about not giving up and going harder on the hustle and that gave me strength to continue with the hustle.

And finally Lorraine Maphala Phiri where do I even begin? She is one of the humblest and realest ladies in business I have had the pleasure of interacting with. She told me she wanted to buy vegetables from one of the many vegetables shops but she saw a Facebook post I had done and decided to place an order. This got me thinking how most of the time we use social media to show the world how much of slay queens we are instead of advertising our craft.

I have seen the power of social media as I get orders via the platform. Mrs Phiri told me to dream big and not be afraid to grow my business beyond the boot of my car, she says if I work hard and give it my all one day I could own my very own shop and I thought from your mouth to God’s ears my dear.

These are my three Women Crush Wednesday ladies who are working hard in their respective businesses and still raising their children with pride and soo much love. I hope my women crushes motivate you today to do better and be better.

Visit their pages Real Hair By Lorraine Studio, The Rack Boutique and Gesta’s peanut butter and be inspired.

Monday, 2 October 2017

She is Back!

It’s been two years since I last updated my blog .This was due to a lot of issues and lack of inspiration, and I was enjoying being a mum again. That being said I have come to realise that I have been terribly missed by those that had become faithful followers of my blog after constantly getting lots of messages asking why I had stopped writing.

To tell the truth I didn’t even know that you guys enjoyed my writing that much! Some of you only got to tell me that I am a good writer after I had stopped updating the blog and I wonder why you never said so during the time when I was active on the bloggersphere...Now while i might have not been updating the blog i still accepted invites and attended a lot of events.

And on that note of showing appreciation, this blog shall continue to acknowledge those amongst us that excel in their respective fields, just like we did back in the day with the likes of Mbo Mahocs, Lorraine Maphala Phiri, Nyasha Mtamangira and Mandla Da Comedian, to mention but a few of the luminaries that we featured in the past.

The blog will continue in the same vein as before and celebrate our heroes from across all sections of society - from fashion with the Fashion Friday post to inspirational posts like Motivational Monday 
and of course, sport
With that being said, those that need my blog to market themselves and their craft should drop me an email or inbox and we will set up a meeting and let you shine.
If you having an event tell your girl ahead of time and I will come through and give you reviews and basically give you my two cents.

Now do the right thing and go follow the blog and leave comments and I will get back to you soon.

God Is Love


Monday, 26 October 2015

Yummy Mummy Diaries

Motivational Monday
Yummy Mummy Diaries
Being a mum is no joke, it comes with a lot of work, worrying, tears and sleepless nights but the reward makes it all worth it. I now understand how it pained my mother when I asked her to buy me that dress or toy and she did not have the money, it pained her more than it pained me. It took me being a mom and experiencing it to totally understand her struggles and unconditional love.

Mothers are great, they are our best friends , our shoulder to lean on when it seems like the whole world is against you. And a lot of us ladies end up getting lost in this tiring career of being a mum. I mean how many of us forget to love and appreciate ourselves because of our mummy duties? We invest our time and everything to taking care of our families but who is taking care of you?

This then leads to men cheating, because as much as it is hard to digest or take in but our husbands fell in love with the whole package, the curves, that well put together outfit, character and smile. So now if his only seeing  your character  and smile, he will stray. And ladies it is easy to say men are dogs and they are bound to cheat, but when the cat is away these hood rats will come out to play and trust me they are thirsty and they have upped their game so take care of home my ladies.

Giving birth takes a toll on the body but after two years you start feeling like your normal self again and that is when you should go harder and show them you never left you just took a break. If you were a 7/10 before becoming a mum make sure that after you give birth you come back an 8!!!

As for how to lose the baby weight well we are all different and so are our bodies but exercise and eat healthy, you might not see the results fast but take heart in knowing that you did not gain the weight overnight and you wont lose it overnight . What has been working for me is cutting down on bread and  all other starchy foods and fizzy drinks, i have replaced fizzy drinks with Coconut water.

This is not only for my yummy mummies but also my ladies who finally got the ring and now they just don’t feel like being dolled up, it is easy to make him put a ring on it but making sure that he stays interested takes a lot of work, stay on top of your game .

And the best accessory that a lady can wear is Confidence, I always say I have the confidence of a queen, never be intimidated by other women. Always strive to be a killer high heel in a room full of flats!

God Is Love

Yummy Mummy (Emma)

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Tsholotsho boost survival chances

Lets dance - Tsholotsho players celebrate their goal

TSHOLOTSHO Football Club registered a crucial 1-0 home win over visiting Whawha in a Castle Premiership Week 26 encounter at White City Stadium on Saturday to boost their chances of surviving relegation at the end of the 2015 season.

Whawha keeper Polite Sibanda tries in vain to stop Ncube's effort

Gangling central defender Thando Ncube scored the all important goal in the first half and Iziqholo ZeZhwane managed to hold on for an important victory.

The Lizwe Sweswe coached outfit moved a rung up the ladder to fifth from bottom on the log with 26 points to their credit.
Despair for Whawha players after conceding 
Tsholotsho swapped places with Buffaloes who are also on 26 points but dropped to fourth from bottom because of an inferior goal difference.

Buffaloes however, have a chance to move out of the bottom four as they will take on Hwange on Sunday afternoon at Sakubva Stadium.

Tsholotsho head coach Sweswe said the victory over Whawha could provide the foundation that his team needs to survive the chop.

"Its good that the boys did not allow complacency to creep into their game and they played purposeful football from the word go. We are still fighting relegation and the trick when working with such young players is to keep pushing them and making sure they don't lose focus," Sweswe said.
Lizwe Sweswe

There was drama towards the end of the match when some members of both technical teams were involved in a scuffle over match balls.
Complaints by the visitors over percieved delaying tactics by ball boys had earlier led to their ejection from the pitchside by fourth official Tambudzai Tavengwa and with no one then collecting stray footballs a member of the Whawha bench tried to grab some from the home side's technical area leading to some physical confrontation.
Whawha coach Lloyd Mutasa talks to match officials after the match

In other Week 26 matches played on Saturday Flame Lily held defending champions Dynamos 1 -1 while Harare City and How Mine played out a 2-2 draw.

On Sunday, Dongo Sawmill will host ZPC Kariba at Vengere while Buffaloes will play Hwange at Sakubva. Week 26 action will continue on Wednesday with struggling Bulawayo giants Highlanders visiting Chapungu at Ascot while log leaders Chicken Inn will play host to   championship rivals FC Platinum in a top of the table clash at Luveve Stadium.

A clash between Caps United and Triangle at the National Sports Stadium will round off Week 26 action on Sunday 1 November.

By Sakheleni Nxumalo

Friday, 16 October 2015

Comedy Roast comes to Skies

So my best accessory (my hubby) and I have been fans of stand up comedy for the longest time. We would stay up late watching the likes of Katt Williams, Dee Ray Davies, Monique to name a few, on Comedy Central.
So when our wedding MC Ntando Van Moyo started his own Umahlekisa Comedy Club in Bulawayo we were ecstatic, and have been supporting the movement since it started.

On Friday we had date night with my A1 (hubby) and we did The Comedy Roast of Ntando Van Moyo.
I don’t know why the Umahlekisa team decided not to inundate us with messages on social media platforms this time around.
It is a bit annoying to get a steady stream of messages from them advertising their show - especially when one is expecting a message from the bank that their salary has hit their account – but I must admit that this method of marketing has kept comedy fans in the loop about upcoming shows.
So to cut a long story short we were late for the roast and all because we were not sure of the date and time the show was pencilled for.
As a result when we arrived at the National Art Gallery I was disappointed to find the comedian who had made me run in heels so that we do not miss his act, Mandlenkosi Simbarashe, winding down his act.
Mandlenkosi Simbarashe
I am a big fan of this guy and I think he will go far but unfortunately I missed his act.
I understand another fella that the Roast host Long John kept referring to as “This other guy” had already done his act (Yes that is what they were calling him, “That Other Guy”)

Like I have already mentioned, the MC for the night was Long John and he tried his best to bring some life to the show but the response from the crowd was lukewarm.
Long John
The tickets for the show identified the Roast panel as consisting of Mandlenkosi Simbarashe, Marshal Da General, H.O, Gilmore T and PAN.
Gilmore T and Marshal da General did not turn up for the show but that did not stop those who did from taking a dig at them.
Nomsa and PAN

After the panel had tried but failed dismally to roast Ntando, it was his turn and boy oh boy did he save the night.
This guy had me in stitches and reminded me of my wedding day, kkkk.
He is in my opinion the best in Bulawayo and the reason why I am not saying in the country is simply because I heard from the roasters that he has twice come second best in the Namas, kkkkkk.
(I think I should have been part of that roasting panel.)

Anyways, despite the poor turn –out, I had fun and the truth is that the roasters were not too bad.
Maybe Ntando should have first established if those guys have access to a Dstv Premium bouquet because that way he would have been sure that they knew what a comedy roast is all about.
The comedy channel where the Comedy Central Roast shows appear ain’t available on Free to air..........(told you I should have been part of that panel).
Nkululeko Nkala makes a comment about the show

Big up to Ntando for the initiative to bring the comedy roast concept to Bulawayo and hopefully next time the idea will get support from local business, especially those in the meat industry because what comes to my mind when one talks about a roast is Amawoso, Braai, Gochi Gochi.
H.O dances with a fan during his set

You can follow Ntando Van Moyo The General on twitter to get updates on upcoming shows @ntandoyenkosi.

God Is Love


Fashion Friday

Lorraine Maphala Phiri

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of spending some time with one of Zimbabwe’s beauties Lorraine Maphala  Phiri and she was celebrating her birthday. This lady needs no introduction people love her and she is one of the few former Miss Zimbabwe who have managed to stay relevant and her fan base has grown immensely over the years.

She proves that she is a beauty with brains (which is rare nowadays) as she is a well established business woman who has become a hit and a favourite with ladies and I got to ask her more about her business Real Hair By Lorraine.

1.      Real Hair By Lorraine, how did it start?

During me reign I had the chance to travel a lot and I remember this one time I was in Tanzania and met this girl who was rocking a Brazilian weave, and at that time Brazilian hair was not well known in our country and the people who had it were either politician wives, only a few and I decided to buy it and people would ask me where I bought it and what type of hair it was, and that is how I started and I sold it from the boot of my car.

2.      Why hair, why not shoes or makeup?

Growing up I have always been a big dreamer and I knew that I was going to be big and a great business woman, hair just happened its not like I had planned that I would sell hair, but what I knew was that I  wanted to be a great entrepreneur .

3.      How have the ladies received the hair?

Real Hair By Lorraine has had positive response from the ladies, it is now a brand , business is good and the brand it is doing great. I do have bigger dreams for the brand but so far so good.

4.      What is your five year plan for your brand?
My wish is that Real Hair By Lorraine grows and takes over the Southern Region such that even those that want to buy bulk they don’t have to travel to Asia but they come and buy from us.

5.      What challenges do you face in the hair industry?

Well my biggest challenge is that I still get people who are sceptical about the real hair, you get those that are like “ Ahhhh is that hair from a dead person’s head? Is it safe to put on a dead person’s hair?”you have to try and explain to them where the hair is coming form and the process it goes through before it gets to us.

6.      Any advice for those who want to get into the hair industry?

My advice would be that you have to love it,, like with me you would be surprised at the amount of time I spend watching hair videos, because if you get into it because of the money side then that will become a problem. Get to know the product and understand it because there is new hair almost every other day.

Really enjoyed learning more about hair. I also loved their packaging it comes with Tips on how to take good care of your hair. We have leading ladies in our city, who wake up in the morning and they have their game face on as they go out and grind. Real Hair By Lorraine is a growing legacy and for those ladies who appreciate quality over quantity make your way to  Zonkizizwe Complex shop no 5 Bradfield

Instagram; Real Hair By Lorraine
Facebook;  Real Hair By Lorraine

God Is Love


Monday, 12 October 2015

Motivational Monday - Dreams Bigger Than 80s Fashion and Style

IF there is an era that I love or that I identify with, it is the 80s. Remember the 80s? Those that were not born in the 80s let me try and paint a picture of that period in your minds.

The 80s was a time of big hair, big shoulder pads, everything was better if it was Big. It was a go big or go home type of era.

And if you turned on the television after transmission had ended you would see this big clock that had bold colours.

I don’t know about other countries but in Zimbabwe during the 80s television broadcasts were not 24 hours and that big clock with the rainbow colours was what you got when you turned on the telly when there was no transmission.

Anyways now that we have recapped a little about what the 80s was all about, someone asked me about my dreams, and the perfect way of describing my dreams is Big like 80s fashion and style.
 I want it all.

 I am of royal Nguni blood. A daughter of the Khumalos, uMangethe kaLanga, (thina esangena emfuleni siphethe isikhuni somlilo sivutha saphuma silokhe sivutha).

My ancestors are renowned for their fighting spirit and so I am also going to fight until all my dreams come true.

The problem with our generation is that we feel entitled to things.
We feel like someone owes us the good life. No one owes you anything but yourself, and we have to stop being what I would call “The Now Generation.”
These are the kind of people that need everything but are not patient. Ain’t nobody got time for that, we say to ourselves.
We want it and we want it now!!!!

Well, growing up has made me realise that success does not come overnight.
That dream job my sister or brother won’t come overnight, but does that mean you have to give up? You have to put in the work and then put it out to the universe and believe that what you give out to the universe then the universe will give back to you.

Every time you feel like throwing in the towel just stop and ask yourself “How Badly Do You Want It?”
If you want it so badly like the bible tells us Sarah wanted a baby, or like Zachariah badly wanted to see the son of God that he had to climb up a tree, then you will hold on and trust that the Lord says in his word; “For I know the plans I have for you not to harm nor destroy you, but to prosper and give you hope”,

Quitting is NEVER an option!!!! Keep going, Pray Harder and tell yourself that the state of the economy of the world does not concern you.
 You are God’s child and where doors are closed you don’t force them to open. You step aside and let the Lord your God do the opening for you.

God Is Love