Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Fashion: Mary Chiwenga

Fashion: Mary Chiwenga

Ok so like everyone in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world I have been following our politics closely, it has been interesting times in our beloved country. It is also where I was introduced to the name Mary Chiwenga, she is married to our vice president.

A lot has been said about Mary Chiwenga but what seems to be people’ main fascination about her is her fashion sense. Before I go on let me say I am no fashion police or fashion expert but with the little knowledge that I possess this is what I have to say for all you social media trolls.

First of all fashion is different for all of us, what I like might not be what you like but does that mean you have to criticise someone because of their fashion choices? So in a world full of tall girls that have confidence issues when I saw Mary rocking high heels and walking tall with her head held high and neck very straight the first thing that came into my mind was all the young tall girls who were ridiculed and bullied because of their heights that they ended up slouching to try and appear short or not so tall.

I was pleased by the way she carried herself and height, she was saying to the world hey world this is Mary Chiwenga I am tall and I am not ashamed of it and yes Gina I am rocking these shoes that other tall girls like myself shy away from wearing.

Did I mention that these internet fashion police wannabes also came for her hairstyle? Well apparently when you have money or when you have made it in life rocking cornrows is a fashion Don’t!! well Mary was rocking those and I personally do not think it was because she cannot afford your Brazilians and other types of expensive hair but this is the hairdo that works for her and what she chose.

So to all the people who had plenty to say about how this lady dresses and what type of hairdo she rocks , like seriously of all the things you could have said or asked about her this is what you took time from your boring lives to talk about? Did you stop and think of all the little girls who are being bullied at schools because of their heights and because they choose not to have their hair ironed out?

What messages are we sending to our daughters when we judge someone based on their physical appearances and the way they do their hair? And let me just say I took time to look at some of the people who were mean commenting her photos and I will say this “Bye Felicia”

God Is Love


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