Monday, 2 October 2017

She is Back!

It’s been two years since I last updated my blog .This was due to a lot of issues and lack of inspiration, and I was enjoying being a mum again. That being said I have come to realise that I have been terribly missed by those that had become faithful followers of my blog after constantly getting lots of messages asking why I had stopped writing.

To tell the truth I didn’t even know that you guys enjoyed my writing that much! Some of you only got to tell me that I am a good writer after I had stopped updating the blog and I wonder why you never said so during the time when I was active on the bloggersphere...Now while i might have not been updating the blog i still accepted invites and attended a lot of events.

And on that note of showing appreciation, this blog shall continue to acknowledge those amongst us that excel in their respective fields, just like we did back in the day with the likes of Mbo Mahocs, Lorraine Maphala Phiri, Nyasha Mtamangira and Mandla Da Comedian, to mention but a few of the luminaries that we featured in the past.

The blog will continue in the same vein as before and celebrate our heroes from across all sections of society - from fashion with the Fashion Friday post to inspirational posts like Motivational Monday 
and of course, sport
With that being said, those that need my blog to market themselves and their craft should drop me an email or inbox and we will set up a meeting and let you shine.
If you having an event tell your girl ahead of time and I will come through and give you reviews and basically give you my two cents.

Now do the right thing and go follow the blog and leave comments and I will get back to you soon.

God Is Love


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