Monday, 26 October 2015

Yummy Mummy Diaries

Motivational Monday
Yummy Mummy Diaries
Being a mum is no joke, it comes with a lot of work, worrying, tears and sleepless nights but the reward makes it all worth it. I now understand how it pained my mother when I asked her to buy me that dress or toy and she did not have the money, it pained her more than it pained me. It took me being a mom and experiencing it to totally understand her struggles and unconditional love.

Mothers are great, they are our best friends , our shoulder to lean on when it seems like the whole world is against you. And a lot of us ladies end up getting lost in this tiring career of being a mum. I mean how many of us forget to love and appreciate ourselves because of our mummy duties? We invest our time and everything to taking care of our families but who is taking care of you?

This then leads to men cheating, because as much as it is hard to digest or take in but our husbands fell in love with the whole package, the curves, that well put together outfit, character and smile. So now if his only seeing  your character  and smile, he will stray. And ladies it is easy to say men are dogs and they are bound to cheat, but when the cat is away these hood rats will come out to play and trust me they are thirsty and they have upped their game so take care of home my ladies.

Giving birth takes a toll on the body but after two years you start feeling like your normal self again and that is when you should go harder and show them you never left you just took a break. If you were a 7/10 before becoming a mum make sure that after you give birth you come back an 8!!!

As for how to lose the baby weight well we are all different and so are our bodies but exercise and eat healthy, you might not see the results fast but take heart in knowing that you did not gain the weight overnight and you wont lose it overnight . What has been working for me is cutting down on bread and  all other starchy foods and fizzy drinks, i have replaced fizzy drinks with Coconut water.

This is not only for my yummy mummies but also my ladies who finally got the ring and now they just don’t feel like being dolled up, it is easy to make him put a ring on it but making sure that he stays interested takes a lot of work, stay on top of your game .

And the best accessory that a lady can wear is Confidence, I always say I have the confidence of a queen, never be intimidated by other women. Always strive to be a killer high heel in a room full of flats!

God Is Love

Yummy Mummy (Emma)

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  1. Eish inspiring and a difficult thing for me. I have been trying to lose my belly weight. It's not much but it affects my confidence so bad l exercise daily but its taking time to lose it. Will keep on keeping on n am just getting interested in dressing up, have no idea how to go about it though....will learn I guess one step at a tym